Lego Titanic

The Titanic sank in the Atlantic ocean near Finland. It sank 48 miles down.

The ship was leaving England and it was going to New York. The ship received warnings of icebergs. There was one right in front of them and the crew tried to turn the ship but it was too late. The watertight compartments ripped and started to flood. That was too many for the Titanic to remain afloat and so it sank.

This Lego of the Titanic shows the iceberg almost hitting the ship. There’s 3 smoke puffs but there was supposed to be 4. I couldn’t find the right piece to make one more. I hope you like it!

9 thoughts on “Lego Titanic”

  1. I am very impressed by your work and thoughts that have made this site. Keep going! I cannot wait to see this again after Christmas.

  2. You did a great job creating a lego model of the Titanic. I am very impressed. Thanks to you I now know that the Titanic sank 48 miles down. Wow, that is deep!!!

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